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I was born in Jacksonville, NC.  As the youngest of three girls with a father working for the FBI, I grew up moving often. We quickly learned to make anywhere my father was sent feel like 'home': from Virginia to Washington State. I began singing when I was 13 and found it to be a passion and a road of expression.  After years of singing with other musicians, I taught myself to play guitar and wrote my first song at the ripe old age of 25; not exactly an early start. I spent 7 years singing, writing and playing the singer/songwriter circuit around New York City.  In 1999, I left New York with my husband and spent the next 7 years sailing through the Caribbean and across the Pacific and having two children.  No small feat. The guitar came with us and songs were composed sporadically but continuously: while missing family as we sailed across the ocean, while anchored in beautiful lagoons, or to comfort a child back to sleep. We settled briefly in Sydney, Australia.   In 2008, I moved back to the US with my husband and two children. My music was slowly beginning to grow again after being buried beneath the responsibilities of motherhood.  My first gig in 10 years was at the public library in Lancaster County Virginia.  An invitation to play at the Kekoka Music Festival followed and well, the rest of 'my story' is still being sung.






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